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President's Report - February 2018

A warm welcome to all our members. The year is off to a roaring start in fact I don’t know where January went and now the TV advertisements are pointing towards Easter… I will talk about the weather and how unusual it has been with temperatures on par with Australia bringing new challenges to our industry. It makes you think how... Read More »

Industry Newsfeed - February 2018

Backing legitimate tradespeople - what do you think? - 8th February 2018 – PGDB   The industry public awareness campaign that backs legitimate tradespeople 'Sort the Pros from the Cons' kicks-off again today.  It protects the consumer and provides access to a rich resource of information in relation to;  why it's important... Read More »

Top Tech Tip February 2018 - New Health and Safety Issues

Top Tech Tip -   New Health and Safety Issues        Over 180,000 people work in our construction sector in New Zealand making it the sixth largest industry. In 2014 five workers died on a construction site and one person was seriously injured every day. This article is a brief oversight of the... Read More »

President's Report - January 2018

A warm welcome to all our members. Christmas came and went along with it the holidays…. It’s hard to get back to work after the silly season is over and this year I was fortunate to be able to travel to the South Island. It was an amazing trip and to see so much of the areas affected by the Earthquakes was just incredible. It... Read More »

Industry Newsfeed - January 2018

Safe Plus - 13th January 2018, Worksafe WATCH VIDEO SafePlus is a new health and safety toolkit, jointly developed by WorkSafe New Zealand, ACC and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.   Keep fatigue out of the workplace - 15th January 2018, Worksafe CHECKLIST   Converting a disused water tank into a back yard pool... Read More »

Top Tech Tip - Looking at potential cross connections and backflow

Looking at potential cross connections and backflow    In this top tech tip I will go into some detail about some of the most basic things we should consider and look for as plumbers. We have an obligation to protect the health of our community by investigating and reporting any cross connections with water supplies. We are the... Read More »

10 Ways to Stay Committed to Your 2018 Career Goals

1. Get very clear on your goals. This might sound obvious, but before you'll have any success sticking with your goals for the year, you have to actually have goals. The more specific they are the better. Vague goals like "make more money" aren't going to keep you motivated and accountable. However, clearly defined... Read More »

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